Crossdresser Bobrisky has made fun of his former gender as he trolls them that women rule the world asking them to abandon their gender and join women as he did.

Bobrisky in a post made fun of men forgetting about the fact that he’s still a man saying women rule the world now therefore the men in the house should come to join him and other men who are trying so hard to be acknowledged as women so they can rule the world.

According to Bobrisky, women get away with a lot of things and men are the ones who came into this world to suffer because they were born to hustle and then spend all their money on women like his boyfriend has been spending on his as he always claims.

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Bobrisky then suggested to men to join the ruling gender and abandon their gender like he has done forgetting that no one would be left to work hard and take care of the other when all the men take his advice and become women as he suggested.

Bobrisky is still a man but only portrays himself as a woman on social media and we all know sometimes his posts are just for fun and attention and this one is just one of the posts he makes for attention.

Screenshot below;