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VIDEO: I won't sleep with any man again till marriage - Moesha Boudong

VIDEO: I won’t sleep with any man again till marriage – Moesha Boudong

Curvaceous,sexy actress cum socialite Moesha Boudong says she has met her Damscus moment and has therefore seen the light.

The repented ‘slay queen’ now ‘Maurecia Buodong’ says she has stopped selling her body to men for money and all the goodies in the world.

She says until she walks down the aisle with her husband she will not sleep with any man again.

Moesha who has now seen Christ says that she is done with her dirty past where she was sleeping around with men as her body is now the temple of Christ.

In a viral video making rounds on social media, Moesha disclosed that she has ‘sent her boyfriend’ packing until she finds the right man sent by God.

“I was just home and all I realized was that the Holy Spirit entered me. I called my friends and told them the Holy Spirit has entered me. Now I feel closer to God. When I moved closer to God I experienced peace of mind and joy. Immediately I told my boyfriend that I’m not going to have sex with him until marriage. I’ve made a vow to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that I’ll never ever sleep with any man until marriage.

“If it will take ten, fifteen or even twenty years. I’ll keep my vagina for God till he brings the right man. Now I want to fully focus on God. Now that I have the zeal, I’ll do that,” she added.

It can be recalled that prior to this development, Moesha was seen in a church offering a powerful testimony about how God has saved her.

She has to that effect cleared all her ‘sexy looking’ photos from her Instagram page to prove her seriousness.


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