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Some Rejections Are Meant For Your Projection- Reno Omokri

According to Reno, people should learn to deal with rejection from close friends and associates because it is part of life and most breakthroughs happen after rejections. He cited the example of the Israelites in their sojourn from the land of Egypt to the promised land where they had to part ways with the red sea.

He captioned his post as: If God did not part the Red Sea, the Israelites would not have left slavery for the Promised Land. Stop feeling dejected because someone parted ways with you. Do you know if they are your Egypt and their departure is your Red Sea parting? Gain some perspective! God heard conversations in Egypt that you did not hear. God saw the wicked Pharaohs in that family that you were dying to marry into. He saw their plan to suck you dry and then throw you away. You were not dumped. You were saved. By God!

His post drew some reactions from fans as they hailed him. Below are some comments.

michaelchibitolonginus: You’re a man of God indeed…God used you to answer my curios questions.. may the good Lord grant you the wisdom to teach what’s right,in Christ’s name.Amen❤️

officialkings90: Apt💯…couldn’t have say it better 👏👏

zeemanyoung: You always nail all Ur nugget, thanks you sir

santiago369147: God bless you sir @renoomokri 🙌❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

tesbobs2019: Very clear, Sir

chibuzolottana: Well said wise man

irosocsignature: This is the best thing I have seen today. Thank you @renoomokri for all your teachings and insightful lessons. A day without visiting your page is like a wedding without a bridegroom. God bless you sir 🙏

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Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | Some Rejections Are Meant For Your Projection- Reno Omokri