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Sallah: Don’t Compromise COVID-19 Protocols, NASFAT Tells Muslims

The Chief Missioner of the Nasru-Lahi-l-Fatih Society, (NASFAT), World Headquarters, Imam Abdul-Azeez Onike, has charged Muslims to be cautious and observe the Covid 19 protocols during the Sallah.

He advised Nigerians to follow all of the health measures set forth by the authorities, as well as to be vaccinated.

He said, “The deen (religion) of Islam attaches importance to safety of lives and properties. To underscore this fact, Salat, as compulsory and structured as we know it, is allowed to be done in a special way different from the normal situation, in peculiar moments, so as not to compromise safety of lives and properties.

Quran 4:102 “.. (O Messenger!) If you are among the believers and rise (in the state of war) to lead the Prayer for them, let a party of them stand with you to worship, keeping their arms. When they have performed their prostration, let them go behind you, and let another party who have not prayed, pray with you, remaining on guard and keeping their arm…

“So also is Hajj: Q2:196 “Perform the pilgrimage and the pious visit for Allah. If you are forcibly prevented, make whatever sacrifice is feasible.”

“If these are the injunctions of God, it therefore behooves those in authority to ensure that everything is done to protect lives and properties of citizens. Hence, I call on government at all levels, traditional and religious leaders, and all concerned stakeholders to join efforts to improve the security situation in the country and intensify efforts to secure the lives and properties of all persons irrespective of their locations in Nigeria.”

Source: www.Ghgossip.com

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