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Parliament condemns acts of hooliganism in Ghana football

Parliament condemns acts of hooliganism in Ghana football

Hooliganism has become a mainstay in the Ghanaian game in recent times rearing it ugle y head at almost levels of football in Ghana with persons in authority struggling to halt the canker.

There have been widespread cases of hooliganism at many Ghana Premier League centers while same has been experienced at countless Division One League centers with zone one a hot bed of violence in Ghana football.

Referee Maxwell Hanson was chased and beaten by fans of BA United in a Division One League game at the Sunyani Coronation Park against RTU whiles there are several other examples.

Member of Parliament(MP) have been concerned with the recent happenings across the spheres of Ghana Football with brazen and callous attacks on players, match officials, officials of club and fans of opposing teams.

The MP’s concerned about the goings on in Ghana football are advocating for life time bans for hooligans who are caught at the stadium.

They have extensively debated the issue on the floor of Parliament as they feel it will harm the image of our football if not checked and have therefore proffered solutions to stop the menace.

Kobena Mensah Woyome, the Ranking Member on the Youth, Sports, and Culture Committee, made a statement on the floor on Friday, criticizing recent incidents of hooliganism at several match venues.

“Mr. Speaker, it is disheartening to wake up in the morning to hear that a sporting official or football lover has sustained injuries because of doing what he loves at the stadium.

“It is about time this issue is addressed once and for all, given the fact that we all agree on the role of football in uniting us and promoting productivity for national development,” he furthered.

He admitted, although football hooliganism extends back to the 1880s, “I assume it is not at the rate we are experiencing today, if not gone totally.”

He suggested Ghana should learn from the May 9, 2001 Accra Sports Stadium accident, which was Africa’s worst stadium disaster, killing 127 people.

Source: CelebritiesBuzzGh.Com | Parliament condemns acts of hooliganism in Ghana football

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