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‘Not Every Igbo Millionaire Or Billionaire’s Money Has K-Leg’ — Actress, Uche Jombo

Nigerian actress, Uche Jombo has disclosed there are a lot of Igbo men and women out there who are very hard working.

According to the beautiful actress, many of these Igbos are making genuine money and this has made them millionaires and billionaires.

This is a counter-argument to the popular notion that most Igbos who are millionaires and billionaires are not making their monies legally.

Taking to her verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter, she wrote;

“Selling stock fish Imported from Norway made my family in Aba Abia state. Not every Igbo millionaire or billionaire MONEY has K leg …. Some people are generational hard working men, regular hard working men, I’m not understanding what I’m reading on this TL based on…”

Nigerians also shared their thoughts and some of the reactions the post got are;

@TheUgly58814071 – True we have alot with legit money. Also we can give as many excuses as possible for these o, nobody makes hard earned legit money and sprays it like that (that quantity). The urge or need to show off is usually from illegal source. Shey some said Hush puppie was legit that time

@Omosalewa – I think people are missing the point. This isn’t a case of THEM against us but I think it’s about the negative effects some actions will have on the mind of the average Nigerian youth. Poverty is on an all time high in Nigeria. I see people dey struggle to pick money, na POVERTY!

@GodsonDaniels – The truth is dat….. The Reason why Nigeria don’t want the Igbo tribe to get Biafra is because they know dat the Igbo’s are the pillars of this nation…. Check all the industrious markets in Nigeria like tradefair complex, vespa market, odu ade, Onitsha main market, Alaba etc..

@NatashaGodwinI – It’s simple jealousy that’s doing them. The hate for IGBOs will consume them. We don’t have oil, political appointments, quota system etc but still we work hard all around the world, and our hardwork shows positive results

@wahrheiteinfach – Abiriba people have the highest number of Millionares per capita in Igbo. They are very hard working people and they don’t usually make noise.

@benPERSIE3 – But I’ve never seen you do money fight naaa……..or you can’t find a fight partner! None o repeat none of those cubana guys is richer than Ronaldo, Messi not even Emanuel Adebayo but you wouldn’t see them do such

@Ushasaai14 – The truth is an average igbo person has issues deep down rooted around him/,her regarding wealth creation

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Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | ‘Not Every Igbo Millionaire Or Billionaire’s Money Has K-Leg’ — Actress, Uche Jombo