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Nigeria No Longer At Ease, Catholic Bishops Lament

Catholic priests in Ekiti Diocese have lamented about the injustice and lawlessness which has put the nation in tantrums.

The Ekiti docese issued a statement to newsmen in Ado-Ekiti titled  ‘Recovering the Soul of the Nigerian Nation’. The Catholic Bishop of Ekiti Diocese, Most Rev. Felix Ajakaye, revrealed that the communiqué was signed by the Chair­man, Most Rev. ‘Leke Gabriel Abe­gunrin and the Secretary, Most Rev. John Akin Oyejola.

They expressed worry over the state of the nation as they opined that the nation seems to have lost its very soul because it is no longer a healthy entity.

The communi­qué read: “To all our fellow Nigeri­ans, we say, stand firm and never lose hope for God cannot be defeated.

“We call on Nigerians to continue to pray and work for a better nation for we have no other country than this. If we do not give up do­ing good and believing in God’s promise, we shall see better days”,

“When a nation loses its soul, its people lose the co­hesive elements of human relationship,” the commu­nique said.

“A nation that has lost its soul is characterised by inept, uncaring leadership which functions by selec­tive allocation of posts, privileges and resources and by selective application of justice. It is character­ised by leaders who, rather than care for the citizens of the country, simply exploit and denigrate them. Such a nation takes food out of the mouths of its own citizens and watches them starve. It deploys its scarce resourc­es to the advantage of the rich and powerful while of­fering mere crumbs to the poor and weak.

“A nation that has lost its soul therefore breeds a citi­zenry where nobody cares for anybody else. Nigeria exhibits all of these traits, no doubt. Its constitutive principles of justice, equi­ty and fair play have clearly fallen apart and the coun­try is no longer at ease. No doubt, the very soul of Nigeria needs to be recov­ered”, they noted.

The bishops said the ongoing controversy sur­rounding the proceedings of the National Assembly gives ample evidence of the theatre of the absurd which democratic repre­sentation has become in Nigeria.

Source: www.Ghgossip.com

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