Paul Okoye, Rudeboy seems to be surprised that his Muslim friends ignored him today on their Salah celebration as none remembered to give him any meat.

Muslims usually share meat as part of their prayer offerings when celebrating their Eid and it seems Rudeboy was looking forward to getting some meat from his Muslim friends but none of them remembered to give him meat and has taken it to social media to air it.

Rudeboy posted on his InstaStory complaining that he hasn’t received any meat from his Muslim friends and the day is almost ending acting surprised using emojis since he never imagined he could be ignored like that.

Sharing meat among friends isn’t a compulsory task for Muslims therefore Rudeboy seems to have expected more from his friends and that is why he got disappointed when none of them gave him any meat to join them in the celebration and Rudeboy needs to be educated by his Muslim friends to know when to expect something from them and when not to during their celebration.

Screenshot below;