The second baby mama of Wizkid has asked those always complaining about her son Ayo Jnr’s skin whether they want her to bleach his skin.

Binta replying to a curious IG user who said her son’s asking is becoming dark asked what they want her to do as Ayo Jnr took after his father Wizkid and not her so is normal when his skin looks dark and not fair as hers.

According to the second baby mama of Wizkid, she has been getting a lot of complaints about her son’s skin and doesn’t know what people want her to do with that because he’s a dark person hence his skin getting dark is normal.

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Adding that moreover they are in summer and he plays a lot outside therefore it’s normal for his skin to become dark therefore she doesn’t know what those complaining about his skin expect her to do for him to get fair skin.

Wizkid’s baby mama then asked whether they expect her to bleach the skin of her son Ayo Jnr for him to look fair like her when he actually took after his father Wizkid who has dark skin and that means there’s nothing wrong with the boy.

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