Actress Anita Joseph has shared an important message with ladies who go under the knife for but surgery asking them to do what matches their bodies.

Anita Joseph talking about how bad some people look after surgery advised that going for what matches their body and not something big will make their figure look some way and that doesn’t suit them at all.

According to her, no matter what you will do if your nyash isn’t natural people will know so there’s no need to go for a big nyash when you have a small body asking ladies who are planning to do their nyash to get what suits their body.

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Some people go in for big nyash just because they can afford it not thinking or wondering what it will cost her later and this advice of Anita Joseph goes to those planning to do same as it will be best if they get one which suits their body.

Just as Anita Joseph said, people will know if you do surgery to enhance your butt therefore it will be best to get one that suits your body so well and feel comfortable with it than doing something big that will bring another problem to you.

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