Actress Destiny Etiko has sought help for her colleague Evan Okoro as she cries out for her life being in danger saying some people want to kill her.

Evan Okoro in a video cried out for help saying her life is in danger and some boys want to kill her because of her movie ‘Bigo Madness’ asking her to pull the movie down or they beat and kill her over such a movie.

Destiny Etiko not knowing what to do to help Evan Okoro in the state she is right now posted the video on her Instagram page after she was tagged by someone seeking help for her colleague so that she wouldn’t be killed over a movie.

Destiny Etiko herself seems not to know exactly what is going on but then decided to seek help for her colleague first before trying to find out exactly what is going on and why some people want to kill her over her movie ‘Bigo Madness’.

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Some people commenting on the post of Destiny Etiko advised Evan Okoro to pull down the movie as the boys after her life demanded while they try and help her as it seems her colleagues are ready to help her out of this situation.

But Evan Okoro seems not to be ready to pull down the video because she would have done that when she was threatened but then decided to seek help on social media and make us aware that if something happens to her then it’s a result of her movie ‘Bigo Madness’.

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