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Download Best Friends In The World TERM 3 EP 17

Download Best Friends in the World | 3rd Term – EP17 | Neptune3 Studios has finally released the 17th episode of the most-watched educational web series. This is undoubtedly one of the best Nigerian Youth Web Series which is written by Jesimeil Damina and directed by Jemima Damina. They actually call themselves “Triple J” since they are three sisters working hard towards achieving a common goal.

In the previous episode, you would notice that Maria gave Adam a kiss in public and Olive was not happy about it but it seems that kiss was just the tip of the iceberg that Maria had shown. She is actually in for something big and this is going to surprise the other girls.

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Download Best Friends In The World TERM 3 EP 17 SPOILER: 

Olive surprises her mom on her birthday by inviting David to play for her
– Adam tries to explain the kiss Maria gave him in public and the reason behind it but Olive wouldn’t listen (seems Olive is in love with Adam but won’t admit it any sooner)
– Esther confronts Grace about her new behavior and detachment from the group. She warns her about the gossip she’s been listening to lately.

Grace’s best friend visits Olive to talk about Grace’s new behavior and why they (Olive and her friends) would have to forgive Grace.
– Olive tried to fix the issue with Grace but it didn’t end well as Grace blew it up
– Maria tries to confess her feeling but Adam cuts her short and warns her not to repeat what she did the other time in public.
– Olive nearly drown at the pool party

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Watch & Download Best Friends in the World | 3rd Term – EP17


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